50 years at Tri Rivers

Join the fun in 2021!

Achieving 50 MSK Milestones Together

In 1971, W. Scott Nettrour, MD, aimed to create an orthopedic surgery practice in Pittsburgh built on patient-centered care. Fifty years later, that practice - Tri Rivers Musculoskeletal Centers - consists of 21 providers, six office locations and dozens of hardworking and dedicated staff members. Through it all, however, the most important player has been you - the patient. Visit this page as we commemorate this landmark achievement we've accomplished together!

50th anniversary kickoff
Celebrating 50 years of anything — a life, a marriage, a business — is a remarkable accomplishment,
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How long is 50 years?
It's 600 months, 2,600 weeks or 18,250 days. Sound like a long time?
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