Crossword Connectivity: Physician Edition


1. Knoch High School alumnus, now team physician
4. Sports Medicine surgeon mentored by renowned Dr. Andrews
5. Hip-knee specialist & humble recipient of patient fan mail
7. PM&R specialist who performs fluoro injections
8. PM&R specialist who focuses on functional restoration
10. Proud grandfather of three, affectionately known as “Mayor of Butler”
12. Foot-ankle orthopedic surgeon & former college football QB
14. Relocating out of state after a decade of excellent care at Tri Rivers
15. Tri Rivers’ Physician Executive Administrator
17. PM&R specialist who is an avid golfer
19. Rheumatologist who compassionately manages chronic conditions
20. PM&R specialist who is passionate about amputee care

1. Hand & upper extremity specialist & bike trail enthusiast
2. Hand, wrist, shoulder & elbow orthopedic surgeon & music buff
3. Primary care sports med specialist, mother & marathoner
6. Sports Medicine surgeon, shortstop for PSU and North Allegheny
9. Interventional pain specialist, treats migraines with Botox
11. Orthopedic spine surgeon who provides back & neck care
13. Sports Medicine surgeon, U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team Physician
16. PM&R specialist & North Allegheny alumnus
18. Rheumatologist who treats gout and osteoporosis
19. Foot-ankle orthopedic surgeon fascinated with Civil War medicine