Tri Rivers’ Top 12 Winter Safety Tips


No. 12: Dr. Agnew encourages you to regularly clear and salt your driveway, sidewalk and stairs to help prevent slips and falls.

No. 11: Stretch, stretch, stretch, says Dr. Richmond. Cold muscles, tendons and ligaments are more vulnerable to injury.

No. 10: As winter ramps up, Dr. Rainey wants you to use proper lifting techniques when shoveling snow or carrying heavy packages.

No. 9: Before you hit the hills for sled-riding fun, Dr. Gause reminds you to clear the path of large branches and hidden rocks that may cause injury.

No. 8: Dr. Muzzonigro advises you to carefully navigate parking lots and provide children and seniors with additional support during the winter months.

No. 7: Ensure proper footwear to provide ankle support and good traction during snowy and icy weather, says Dr. Saar.

No. 6: Dr. Waltrip says to stay hydrated while enjoying outdoor activities like shoveling, skiing, sledding and ice skating.

No. 5: Pay attention to warnings about extreme temperatures and storms, says Dr. Pfaeffle. Be aware of frostbite warning signs, and and wear proper clothing for warmth and protection.

No. 4: It's great to have fun, but always remember: Safety first, says Dr. Pacek. Make sure to have a friend with you while enjoying an outdoor winter sport.

No. 3: Help a neighbor! Dr. Abraham suggests that you reach out and lend a hand to those who need help shoveling snow or getting their mail in the wintery weather.

No. 2: During harsh weather, Dr. Edwards advises you to stay active by switching to indoor activities like group exercise classes, yoga or spinning.

No. 1: Wear protective gear during winter sports, says Dr. Szabo, including helmets, goggles and gloves.