New Year, New You


You know the deal with New Year’s resolutions. The local gym goes from a ghost town in late-December to jam-packed in January. A few weeks later, as people become busier and lose motivation, it slowly returns to the status quo. Sticking to your new workout plan requires not just discipline and hard work, but also knowledge and awareness of injury risks, especially if you’re a newcomer. Luckily, Dr. Bones and Tri Rivers physicians have some tips for you to remain healthy in the new year:

1. Proper warmup

The workout begins before you even hit the gym. Eat nutritious foods and drink plenty of fluids, especially water, throughout the day. Post-recovery drinks are a good choice once your workout is complete.


2. Options other than the gym

Not everyone has to hit the gym when they exercise. Walking is an excellent option, especially for elderly people.


3. Don’t overexert yourself.

Don’t play through the pain. If an activity during your workout starts to feel uncomfortable or painful, stop right away. Continuing the workout could lead to injury.


4. Build your workout around your strengths.

Know your body. For example, high-impact exercises aren’t appropriate for women with arthritis or osteoporosis. Instead, try a non-impact activity like swimming.


5. What you wear matters – especially on your feet.

If you don’t already have them, buy a pair of comfortable sneakers that provide good support. You should also wear loose clothing that allows you to move freely during your workout.