X-rays and Ultrasounds

For quicker diagnosis and treatment

Access to on-site testing offers convenience for patients

Tri Rivers offers digital X-rays in all of its offices except the Saxonburg office, which utilizes Butler Health Systems’ outpatient X-ray services. Patients can have X-rays taken on-site during their appointments, and most mobile patients can obtain them in the upright, standing, sitting or lying down positions. Our BHS Crossroads Campus and North Hills offices have equipment that can take long-length images for patients with leg-length discrepancies. 

On-site ultrasound services are also available in all of our offices for diagnostic testing and ultrasound-guided injections of the upper and lower extremities, or limbs of the body. By providing on-site X-rays and ultrasounds, our physicians can more quickly and accurately diagnose a patient’s condition and determine the appropriate treatment to get them on the road to recovery. 

Picture archiving communication system

All of our X-ray and ultrasound images are digitally stored using orthopedic-specific software that allows our staff to maintain accurate image records. These records are accessible to our staff from any office, hospital or operating room. 

To schedule an appointment for X-ray or ultrasound services, please call 1-866-874-7483.