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Paramedic finds his new go-to surgeon

It was Labor Day weekend, and Dave McWilliams, a paramedic who also owns a construction company, was remodeling part of his home when he heard something buzzing around him. Seconds later, he was on the ground, his right shoulder in severe pain.

“When you fall 8 feet, you end up hating bees even more than you did before,” Dave said.

Dave chose not to visit the ER. After the long holiday weekend, he was able to call and quickly schedule an appointment with his longtime physician, Michael Weiss, MD, a now-retired Tri Rivers hip and knee surgeon who replaced Dave’s left knee several years prior. When Dr. Weiss referred him to John Richmond, MD, a Tri Rivers sports medicine and shoulder surgeon, Dave was hesitant. But Dr. Weiss said exactly what Dave needed to hear.

“You know, he has operated on one of my family members,” Dr. Weiss said.

“Well, that’s good enough for me,” Dave replied.

Dave met with Dr. Richmond, who classified his shoulder injury as “one of the worst tears he’s seen.” Soon after, Dr. Richmond performed a right rotator cuff repair. Throughout the entire surgical process, Dr. Richmond assured Dave that he was in good hands.

“He did a great job explaining what was going on,” Dave said. “He presented the risks, as well as info about the surgery itself. He was upfront about everything.”

Dave’s surgery was an all-around success. However, about a year later, he took another fall, this time on his left rotator cuff. Dave immediately knew where to turn.

Dr. Richmond said the tear wasn’t as severe as Dave’s first tear, but he needed surgery nonetheless. Although both Dave and his wife were scared prior to the surgery, Dr. Richmond served as a calming influence before, during and after the procedure. To Dave, that made all the difference.

             Dave said Dr. Richmond’s entire team, including Jason Vasses, PA-C, worked together to provide the best possible patient experience. He recovered faster than anticipated because he carefully listened to their instructions for physical therapy and recovery.

“I couldn’t afford for something else to go wrong, so I really listened,” Dave said. “Because of that, I have no problems now whatsoever. I feel strong.”

Just because Dave’s shoulder problems are a thing of the past doesn’t mean he’s done seeing Dr. Richmond. Dave’s right knee has bothered him for a long time, and he’ll soon be back in the operating room with his go-to surgeon. Dave has no doubt it will be smooth sailing.

“Tri Rivers has been my staff for as long as I can remember,” he said. “Meeting Dr. Richmond and seeing his personality, how upfront he is with everything that’s happening, it’s exceptional. He’s down to earth, and he knows his stuff. I’ve recommended him to at least three other people, and they’ve all had successful surgeries with him. It’s just been a really good experience.”

Dr. Richmond sees patients in our North Hills and Slippery Rock offices, as well as the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex. To schedule an appointment with him, or any other Tri Rivers provider, please call 1-866-874-7483 or
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