Musculoskeletal, by definition, means relating to
or involving the muscles and the skeleton.

A Broad Spectrum of Musculoskeletal Care

Some conditions are genetic, while others result from auto or work accidents or sports injuries. Whether you experience a broken bone, sprain, strain or any other musculoskeletal injury, our physicians are here to provide exceptional care. Our board-certified specialists provide comprehensive services within the following specialties and subspecialties:

Hip & Knee Reconstruction
When joint pain begins to limit daily movement and you’re not responding to conservative, nonsurgical treatment, our Hip & Knee Reconstruction Team helps you get back to the activities that define quality in your life.

Hand & Upper Extremity Care
The hand and upper extremity – shoulder, arm, forearm and wrist – are essential for performing many daily tasks. Although the cause of your pain may vary, our Hand & Upper Extremity Team is specially trained to treat a wide range of conditions and injuries.

Sports Medicine & Shoulder Care — Surgical
Whether you’re injured as an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, our Sports Medicine & Shoulder Surgery Team helps ease your pain and restores your mobility and can offer surgical intervention if necessary.

Sports Medicine — Nonsurgical
The chances of fully recovering from a sports-related injury, including a concussion, improve when you seek prompt medical care. Our fellowship-trained nonsurgical Sports Medicine Specialist will help you recover and rebuild your strength.

Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Care
Because of their constant use, feet and ankles are some of the most frequently injured body parts.  Whether they are treating persistent or acute pain, our Foot & Ankle Team helps patients achieve a strong and stable base.

Orthopedic Back & Neck Care
There are numerous causes of back and neck pain, ranging from trauma to disease. Our Back & Neck Team determines the source of your pain and then develops a treatment plan to help reduce it and improve mobility.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Individuals frequently experience chronic pain, physical limitations and frustration as a result of their musculoskeletal problems. Managing this pain through nonsurgical methods, our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians help patients achieve optimal function previously lost through injury or illness.

Managing chronic conditions — such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout and fibromyalgia — is complex and often unpredictable, requiring the care of experts. Our Rheumatology Team compassionately helps patients achieve their best quality of life.